Sunday , June 13 2021

Turn on focus – Alko steering wheel stops at 1.94 per thousand

The highest price was 40-year-old in the Oberpullendorf region with 1.94 per thousand, the police said in a release. Among the reduced were 12 men and three women. During a nine-hour mission, about 1,000 vehicles were stopped.

In Weichselbaum (Jennersdorf area) a Hungarian woman was taken without permission. According to the police, her co-driver stood for arrest in various demonstration orders. The man was arrested and transferred to the police detention center in Graz.

A 70-year-old drunk driver from the Oberpullendorf area should have been given a driving license. According to the executive, this was not possible because the man had already lost the steering wheel permission a few months ago due to alcoholism.

The main claim concerned 53 civil servants. They issue 88 ads and 126 instrument commands.

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