The Icelandic comedy is the winner of the 60th Scandinavian Film Festival


Lübeck (APA / dpa) – The Icelandic comedy "Against the Current One" (Kona ferfi stríd) won four prizes for the 60th Nordic Film Days in Lübeck's Grand Winner. Benedikt Erlingsson's feature film came on Saturday at the NDR Film Award with € 12,500, the Baltic Film Prize (€ 2,500), the Christening Prize Interfilm, and the "Lübecker Nachrichten" (all € 5,000) prize.

The film takes on the serious theme of environmental destruction, but with ease and without making it ridiculous. The story of one of the most important European festivals in the Scandinavian film for the first time is that a production has won four awards. The NDR jury praised the production of Iceland: "A film that encourages the absence of positive narratives." The Interfilm jury won the film because it updated the order of creation. "In addition, the film asks what opportunities individuals are within or beyond the limits of democratic action."

The first prize of the Friendship Circuit for the Best Feature Film debut (€ 7,500) went to the "The Little Comrade" (Seltsimees Circle) director Moonika Siimets from Estonia. The Director of the Children's and Youth Film Awards (EUR 5000) also welcomed the talent of the director: Gudrun Ragnarsdóttir of "Sommerkinder" (Iceland) from Iceland. Fee of the jury for the jury of the Radisson Blu Senator Hotel (EUR 5000) Ted Kjellssson from Sweden "Alone in Space" (Ensamma i rymden). Antti Haase (Finland) awarded the Lübeck trade union documentary (EUR 2500) for the production of "Fény hozta" (Valontuoja). Berlin's director, Esther Niemeier, whose "Tracing Addai" won her film, was pleased to receive the CineStar Prize, which enriched € 5,000 this year.

"Filmpreisnacht" after Saturday, at the Lübeck Theater, the 60th Scandinavian Film Days will be closed on Sundays in five days. The program features 199 feature films, documentaries, short films and children's films.

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