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The full range of GIGABYTE game screens has been widely recognized for their outstanding performance


Taipei (ots / PRNewswire) GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, entered the gaming market in 2019. Thanks to its decades of experience in the field of gaming hardware and quality control at the highest level, GIGABYTE was able to develop into a serious competitor in just three years and achieve great sales worldwide. Models such as the FV43U and FO48U sold out on Newegg’s first day of sales and broke sales records. As part of the company’s dual brand approach, AORUS serves the top gaming category and offers ready-to-play e-sports and player-focused specifications for the highest gaming enthusiasm requirements, while GIGABYTE offers high-end, high-end gaming options. .

The success of GIGABYTE gaming screens has caught the attention of both the gaming community and the tech media., a major testing site known for its unbiased reviews, tested several of the best-selling models at the request of consumers and praised their complete performance. The 28-inch M28U screen was named the best 4K game screen for the new generation of game consoles, because it has an HDMI 2.1 input that natively supports 4K / 120 Hz and thus allows intense gaming. The M32Q has been recognized as the best 32-inch USB-C display for office use, with many connectivity options and a built-in KVM switch. The feature-rich screen also provides excellent image quality and color performance and is suitable for both gaming and general productivity. Last but not least, praised the M27Q as the best 1440p gaming display in the budget department for its excellent response time, low input latency and high refresh rate.

GIGABYTE recently released a full range of 4K game screens in sizes ranging from 28 to 48 inches, for players ready to enter the next generation of games. All models are available now. You can find more detailed information about the products on the official GIGABYTE website:

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