Thursday , November 26 2020

Samsung introduces smartphone prototypes with a flip-up display – Faltphone

Samsung is working on a smartphone with a flexible screen that folds in the size of a small tablet. The company of South Korea presented a prototype of the device on Wednesday at the developers conference in San Francisco. When exactly such a phone could come into the market is so far vague. The production of the necessary "Infinity Flex Displays" should begin in the coming months, said Samsung director Justin Denison. The flexible screen is "the basis for the smartphone for tomorrow".

The flexible screen is to unfold a diagonal of 7.3 inches reach, so 18.5 centimeters. Google is also processing software for the new device: The Android operating system will fully support the screen, said Glen Murphy employee.

Presentation in the dark

Many details, however, were literally in the dark during the presentation of the original in San Francisco: In the deepest dark stage you will almost see the light indications. So it was not clear how thick the folded device is, if the frame around the conventional screen on the outside is as big as it looks – and exactly how Samsung designed the folding mechanism.

After all, it was found that it also had another screen in the usual smartphone size on one of the outer sides – so it could be used in a folded state. The team decided on an early demonstration to get software developers on board.

Justin Denison with the


Justin Denison with "Infinity Flex Display"

The Samsung concept also includes a new user interface called "One UI" and intelligent voice control. This role is to take Samsung Bixby, a digital assistant that causes Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. Samsung plans to invest $ 22 billion in the development of artificial intelligence and hire more than a thousand programmers in seven AI centers. The German version of Bixby should be introduced in a few months, he said in San Francisco. So the so-called "Bixby key" in Samsung's newer smartphones will make sense. In the US, however, Bixby has so far received a few positive reviews.

Samsung is dependent on support

DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile phone division, has two days in San Francisco to convince about 5,000 software developers and partner companies who have traveled there for his vision of the future. Because it faces a problem: unlike Apple, it does not control its smartphone's operating system. Samsung is based on Android and is based on Google support. Samsung's "Tizen" operating system has never revolutionized the smartphone market. Koh must pull the developers to his side. If you do not customize your apps and apps, Fold Phone will remain empty content.

Samsung sells 500 million devices every year, said Koh, from rice cookers to smartphones on smartphones or televisions. By 2020, all current devices need to be connected to the network and get more and more of them Bixby. This huge base, Samsung expects, will provide enough interest. Since 2021, according to Samsung market researchers, the number of large smartphones will exceed the number of simple models. With the folding phone, which still fits into every suit pocket, Samsung will then have an attractive offer.

A folding smartphone from Samsung has won many years. Meanwhile, smartphones with flip screens are expected, among other things, by Chinese manufacturers Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo. And Samsung Samsung's Samsung Samsung has already shown the prototype of a big screen that can be wound up.

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