Wednesday , April 14 2021

Rover “Perseverance” sends a high-resolution panoramic image of Mars

The American rover “Perseverance” took a panoramic image of 360 degrees of high resolution.
Image: dpa

The US space agency NASA publishes a high-resolution panoramic image of Mars, taken by the robot “Perseverance”. This shows the hill, the hills and the horizon, but also details as small as three millimeters.

HeyThe American rover “Perseverance” sent a high-resolution panoramic image of Mars. The robot took the picture on Sunday by rotating a camera attached to a mast on its surface once by 360 degrees, the US space agency NASA announced on Wednesday (local time). Then a panoramic image was created from 142 photos taken during process, with such high resolution that details just 3 to 5 millimeters close to the rover and details two to three meters away are visible.

The picture shows, among other things, the hill, the hills and the horizon around the “Jezero crater”, a dry lake with a diameter of about 45 km that the rover will have to look at for the next two years. Previously, “Perseverance” (German: Perseverance) had already published a first panoramic image as well as spectacular video images of its landing and the first recordings from the surface of the red planet.

About 1,000 kilograms upgrade the size of a small car that landed on Mars last week – after 203 days of flight and 472 million kilometers traveled. The development and construction of the approximately $ 2.5 billion (approximately € 2.2 billion) rover took eight years. It’s supposed to be looking for traces of past microbial life on Mars and to research the planet’s climate and geology.

“Perseverance” is already the fifth rover brought by NASA to Mars – the last time “Curiosity” arrived there in 2012. Earlier, rover Mars had also sent panoramic images of the planet to Earth.

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