Tuesday , March 9 2021

Outfit & endless leather? Big controversy over strikers in ORF – Television

Christina Sturmer quit “Willkommen Österreich” on Tuesday. Your appearance is now provoking discussions on the internet.

The singer is undoubtedly one of the most successful musicians in the country. He has received an Amadeus Award a total of 11 times, twice even managed to secure an echo and so far has sold over 1.5 million records.

She is currently not only on a break due to Corona, but is also expecting her second baby. Therefore, music is not the top priority right now. Because of this, he took the time to visit Stermann and Griseman in the “Willkommen Österreich”. However, the conversation developed rather slowly. Christina Stürmer responded with just one word, often deflating. Grissemann, meanwhile, immediately asked, “Are you bored of the conversation?” The singer wanted to answer it immediately and think about it before saying “No”.

The “I live” interpreter is still a topic on the internet. Above all their language. Viewers were annoyed that Christina Stürmer had forgotten to speak “Upper Austrian” and now “speaks German”. A Facebook user wrote: “Unfortunately, she forgot her beautiful dialect”.

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Her appearance also seemed to annoy the audience. Thus, users were annoyed that they could be seen with the big appearance in ORF. To overcome this, a gentleman was annoyed by her “dirty skin”. One user added: “It was hidden.”

Following the inappropriate comments, many went on to violate Christina Stürmer. The community said the singer had never been seen in a dress and high heels. In addition, many praised the music for its natural way. One comment: “How sad it is that women are the ones who reduce them in appearance.”

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