Friday , February 26 2021

ORF in 2019: proven shapes, new structures and many homelands

Vienna – The variety between proven forms and new structures promises ORF for 2019: In addition to the proven crowd collectors such as "Dancing Stars" and "Vorstadtweiber", there are new forms of speech and information, the stay will change to ORF 2 and the information will be expanded altogether. "What we can do in this country: find, build and accompany talent," says project manager Kathrin Zechner.

The information is focused on Wednesday at ORF one

Together with channel managers Lisa Totzauer (ORF one) and Alexander Hofer (ORF 2) gave it on Wednesday before journalists first glanced at the works of the public broadcaster. It has already been announced several times it was for its conversion ORF one, which will be created in the coming spring weeks with a new "ZiB 18" and the next "Magazin.eins". A focus of information is set on Wednesday with regular versions of "Dok.eins", which in the future should follow "Talk.eins".

The topics of the previous program can, but should not be taken here. On the contrary, it was important: "The clearer and stronger the speakers are to support their views and insist on it, the stronger and the denser the speech is," Totzauer said. "In this way, we give viewers the opportunity to understand issues from different perspectives." Attempt is to attenuate the form. "ZiB 24" eventually becomes "ZiB Nachtausgabe", which will start at 11 pm. and will become more variable.

Palfrader as Weather Coordinator at "Walking on Sunshine"

Proven to stay ORF one Live big events from the Scandinavian Ski World Championship at Seefeld on Formula 1 and the national football team games at the Eurovision Song Contest or at Ball Life In the autumn of 2019 Peter Klien (Reporters Without Borders "Austria") has its own night show ("Gute Nacht Österreich"). Robert Palfrader, on the other hand, is experiencing as a magnificent meteorologist in "Walking on Sunshine" (since January 7) and there are new things in "Landkrimis", "comic cities" and enthusiastic quests ordination as "Soko Kitzbühel." A fun contest local firefighters announced in the fall with the "hero of Austria".

"Studio 2": mix of information and entertainment

Focus on domestic productions continues ORF 2 Continuity: Verena Scheitz and Norbert Oberhauser, Birgit Fenderl and Martin Ferdiny present the Studio 2, which is supposed to offer a daily mix of information and entertainment. Aktuell in Österreich will receive an additional welcome on Saturday, and in addition to the annual ZiB review, state-run studios will review the year 2018. The main themes of the program will be the 50th anniversary of landing in 2019, 100 years of female voting in Austria or 80 years since the start of World War II.

Sepp Forcher and Hansi Hinterseer are also missing in 2019

"We are at the beginning of a process," said Hofer in the light of innovation and effort ORF one and ORF 2 to distinguish it more clearly. "However, this process can not be completed from one day to the next." Known faces are offered to viewers ORF 2 thanks to new episodes from Bergdoktor to Rosenheimcops in Tatort. Regarding the red-white identity, captains such as Sepp Forcher or Hansi Hinterseer are welcome, there will be extensive broadcasts from the Bregenz and Salzburg festivals in 2019 and not only will they see episodes of "universe" in the exotic distance. A notice: The subject of housing will be strongly used in the coming months.

Zechner: his own productions still "unique feature"

As a result, the federal state presents "9 seats, 9 treasures" returning for national holidays, taking in the spring, with "So is Austria", a separate sample in which the gastronomic peculiarities of the regions . Extremely feudal is "Through the Austrian Castles" open to the lords and ladies but sometimes tightly locked their gates. Therefore, his ideas and his own productions are still "our only selling proposition," as Zechner said. "We want to continue this spearhead in the future." And this includes channels of special interest at the end ORF Sport + and ORF III, (THEREFORE)

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