Sunday , November 29 2020

Netflix continues to invest in international forms

Netflix plans to continue investing in non-English-language films and series. "Good stories are everywhere," said Product Manager Greg Peters. At the Lisbon Internet Summit, the US flow provider announced two new European series that will be released next year and will then be featured on the platform in 2020: the Spanish series of mysteries "Alma" and "Ragnarok", Netflix, the first Norwegian production. Netflix has invested heavily in European shapes in recent years.

Netflix has been producing formats in other languages ​​since 2014. Initial productions in France and Mexico should initially work in these markets. The Brazilian "3%" series was, as expected, a big hit in Brazil. "But it also has great success at the international level," explains Peters. About half of the audience comes from around the world – including Australia, Italy, Korea and Turkey. Other internationally successful productions such as the Spanish House of Money series have continued this trend.

The German "Dark" series was also an international success: "90 percent of viewers are outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland," Peters explained in an interview with Heise online. "I guess for most of them it was the first time they watched a German series." Dark enters the second season, the second German series "Dogs of Berlin" will soon begin.

And in the United States, the public preheats for foreign rows – as opposed to a survey that a large percentage of American viewers never wanted to see foreign language production. "Then we ignored this research," says Peters. The fact that non-English speaking forms are starting to work slowly in the US is also part of the technology, says Peters.

"As a matter of principle, the Internet is a very flexible content delivery platform," explains the Netflix product manager. "We sync and subtitle and finally we can present stories to viewers we know as such stories and if you offer them right, try them before you realize they are German Watch the series."

With sync and subtitles, Netflix uses established resources in the respective countries, but does a lot of it on its own. The German cinema industry has a long tradition of synchronization. The German speakers are often "lifelong" with the actors they give their voice to. For Danish "The Rain" Netflix has made the actress himself the English Correction.

Netflix also continues to develop the technology used to bring movies and series to the audience. In the case of network operators, the streaming provider places their own "Open Connect Boxes" under which Netflix brings its content close to its viewers to the corresponding provider. "We are constantly trying to improve the payment," says Peters. "So, we can always show the best video, even if we only have a few hundred kilobits per second."


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