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Maite Kelly: Shocking appearance at “Giovanni Zarrella”


Maite Kelly confused her fans when she appeared on the Giovanni Zarrella Show. She played a doll dressed up and sang two songs from her new album “Hello” for the first time. During the subsequent conversation with the presenter Zarrella, it appeared that the singer could no longer move away from the “doll trip”. She suddenly whispered in a creepy, disguised girl’s voice.

Maite Kelly: She could not walk without Zarrella

Fans and viewers of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” rightly wondered about the appearance of Maite Kelly: “Did he get something? How does he talk? Like a little girl!” The former extremely harsh DSDS juror answered strangely and confusedly with a “screaming” and trembling voice of the girl to the questions of Giovanni Zarrella. The surprise in the studio, but also in front of the screen at home, was great. Your look looks well directed – no mistakes! She was standing on a small, round pedestal – a black top with a white collar and an oversized pink tulle skirt. Her head is bowed, holding a large red heart in front of her chest. The 41-year-old represented a doll with mechanical movements. After the last note of her second song, Giovanni Zarrella rushed to her and helped the singer from the podium. He wore extremely high, white high heels. Giovanni Maite Kelly led us to the long stage with great effort and care. When he arrives with her at the steps of the talk scene, he warns her – like a nurse to a patient: “Be careful here again. “ The singer breathed with gratitude: “You help me.” Frowning in public. The former, very live participant in “Let’s Dance” practically climbed, he even seemed helpless.

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Maite Kelly: “What the hell was he smoking?”

A murmur passed through the audience, however, when the singer in an interview with Giovanni Zarrella behaved almost like a small child and told the story of the “flying heart” in a childish way: “It was in storage for two years and it was no longer working. And your crew, ten people, was in the heart yesterday to make it shine again.” Maite Kelly had a lot of makeup, but under her makeup you could see serious imperfections – is that why she always tilted her head? When Zarrella praised her imaginative performance, Kelly’s descendants did a better job: “For me, the stage has always been an overrun, even today. “But I noticed that I had to get back on the horse.” There were immediate comments on Twitter about this proposal: “What the hell did Mate Kelly smoke?” or “Mate is drunk or stoned …”

Maite Kelly: Not ready for the stage yet?

Maite Kelly had to deal with the death of her beloved sister Barbie some time ago. It was also not easy as a single mother of three to go through the lockdown with two teenage girls. The two big girls Agnès (15) and Joséphine (13) are in the middle of adolescence and Maite recently confessed to the “Neue Post”: “Of course there are times when I say, ‘Wow, my daughter is going through adolescence, oh, how do I do that now?’ “ And then the great tension after a two-year break of Corona with the new album “Hello” to want to build on the old hits. Maybe it was all too much. Or maybe the fear of the scene for her appearance on the Zarrella show left her last. Maite is said to have left the studio in Berlin immediately after the show, according to “BILD”. A clear sign that he did badly …

Maite Kelly: Your children’s book is a complete success

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