In the Freiburg case, the main suspect is an intimidating offender


Two new figures did not belong to the eight suspects who had been arrested so far. "We will continue our investigations and the ratings will be full," Belle said.

The 18-year-old student said he was raped after a disco visit by several people. Eight suspects are in custody – seven Syrian people aged 19-29 and a 25-year-old German.

The police find the 22-year-old suspect as an intense criminal. This includes, for example, bodily harm and sexual acts. In 2017 he claims to be involved in another rape with another suspect in the present case and another person. The act is said to have taken place in his 22-year-old apartment. The victim was then the suspect's friend at the Freiburg press conference.

For the alleged case, in the present case, investigators provided details on Friday. At the 18-year-old Freiburg on October 13, he went to a club. There he first used drugs and drank. The toxicology study has not yet been completed, according to researchers. The tablet can be ecstasy.

By midnight, the young woman left the club, she was 22 years old. They both went to a park, the police said. There, the 21-year-old man raped the young woman during the crime. Then he would go back to the club. There he told some people that the woman was helpless in the woods. They then went to the young woman gradually and were raped. The 18-year-old is now being hired by victim protection experts. You're working steadily, the police said.

Source: DPA


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