Goran Djuricin criticizes Rapid's support


Goran Djuricin lost a breath since he left SK Rapid as a coach.

In Servus TV, the 44-year-old seems different in his era, especially his back on Hütteldorfern's back. Djuric admits he felt a "tremendous relief" in the morning after his dissolution.

"But there was sadness and heart, you can not handle it so quickly," said the Viennese. In retrospect, he understands that the officers have a line.

"I would like Rummenigge and Hoeneß"

"After what happened to the fans and the media, this campaign against me, many players could not play freely, as one player told me and I probably put pressure on me in the group if it was not intentional," he said Dieurcin.

However, it would have been possible to be better blunted by fans and the media: "Many things were under the belt." Backward, I would like a Rummenigge and a Hoeness who would talk about me or other help would not be that bad. "

Deurici can not yet believe he suffered so much. "I still wonder how I got along with it, my wife was happier when she discovered I was not Rapid anymore."

"There were racist things behind me"

He also repeatedly admits his own mistakes. "I'm not talking out, I did not respond well in two or three situations, but there were racist things behind me, things were said, I could not keep myself back, I was reacting wrong."

After all, the time for Djuricin was also very instructive: "What I have learned is that no matter how great the pressure is, you must always keep your feet immovable."

How does it continue now? Among other things, I am now giving lectures for amateur instructors, I want to share my experiences and ideas, I want to continue my education, to do my practices and to broaden my horizons. "

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