Thursday , February 25 2021

Gabalier: intense pain and hospital drama

"At some point you should leave Eishackln then maybe good," writes Andreas Gabalier (33) on his Facebook page in a photo taken by the Landeskrankenhaus Graz South-West. In AUSTRIA-Talk explains how it happened. "We are hockey on ice every week and every time you crash. At first, I did not feel anything at first, but I woke up sweating at 3 o'clock in the morning and I got to the hospital because I could not stop the pain on my shoulder again. to continue his tour of Freiburg. It remains to see if he will be back until then but Gabalier relaxes: "Do not panic, I will go back to the stage again. I have to see that I now have another injection now."


Hopefully it will be ready again until December 15, because Gabalier plays at the Wiener Stadthalle. At you have 1 x 2 ticket opportunities and meet & greet with Alpen-Elvis: "Then there's a good snack with me," she reveals.

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Gabalier: "One million tickets sold"

AUSTRIA: Your current success is hard to believe …

Andrew Gabalier: This is true. The inner tour is also the most emotional tour I've ever had. I can not describe it. We sold a million tickets for the indoor and indoor tour only next year. I did not expect that six months ago.

AUSTRIA: They said they planned a break after touring the stadiums. Is it still possible?

Gabalier: I thought people could not see me, it would be too decadent. The plan would be to take a break for about a year, because I have other plans. But now we have two more performances for Switzerland and we are planning another for South Tyrol. You will see. He has not worked for a long time. It is a task.

AUSTRIA: Are you planning a TV show?

Gabalier: I have professional visions, but I do not want to go into details yet. N. Martens

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