Friday , May 14 2021

Did Yasin have sex in the men’s mansion?

In the previous episode of “Temptation Island”, Yasin disappeared into his room with two women. When loud moans were heard shortly after, everything is certain: The 29-year-old had sex with two of the seductive ones.

Alicia’s girlfriend will see the pictures from the hot night from the campfire in the next episode. Is that why Yasin will soon leave the island as a single?

Did Temptation Island Yasin have sex with two women?

The seducers at the men ‘s villa on “Temptation Island” really leave no effort to drive the forgiven men crazy. From day one, they throw wild parties and flirt as much as they can. Men also seem to like it a lot – in the pain of their partners, who always see what their loved ones are doing by the fire. While Do not let the four awarded women turn their heads from the unmarried men to the other villa, their partners really give them gas. But in the last episode of “Temptation Island” the events at the men’s villa reached a new high point!

The night started with a sexy photo shoot, in which some scenes had to be censored and ended with loud moans in one of the bedrooms. “Oh my God. Dude who shit”, suspects Krissi Dudás temptation when he hears the sounds from Yasin Mohamed’s room. The other men are also sure that he is currently in bed with Luisa and Marie. Wrong alarm! When they opened the door to the bedroom, they found it Yasin on the couch and the two women in his bed. Nevertheless, they were surprised when the two seducers, tightly bound and barely dressed, knelt in front of the forgiven man.

Yasin is convinced that he did nothing wrong

Alicia’s girlfriend will not like these pictures at all on the next fire. But Yasin is convinced he did nothing wrong. “I have not touched anyone”says the 29-year-old. However, he was probably not opposed to the performance of the two seductive. “It was really like porn,” Yasin tells the other men.

Meanwhile, the seductive Luisa is sure that it will not take her long to “break” the 29-year-old. “When they see something like that – they can no longer. The eyes wander everywhere. They will not last much longer “, he tells the other unmarried women and persuades them to press the gas. Can forgiving men last for long? We’ll see!

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