Sunday , March 7 2021

Controversy on the supervisory board of Thyssenkrupp on the new addition "

The Thyssenkrupp Supervisory Board has a new struggle. The supervisory board had not agreed on Tuesday to appoint Daimler Chief Financial Officer Bodo Uebber, several people familiar with the Reuters topic said in the evening. The reason is that Uebber requested an increase in the fees of the members of the Supervisory Board.

This met with the resistance of the workers' representatives. Thyssenkrupp declined to comment. The Group, led by CEO Guido Kerkhoff, presents its balance sheet for the previous financial year on Wednesday.

Uebber, at the discretion of the capitalist, including the Krupp Foundation, takes up one of the two vacancies and eventually succeeds Bernhard Pellens, chairman of the supervisory board. Pellens was recently appointed to succeed Ulrich Lehner, who resigned in the summer. After the fight for Uebber, one of the two currently unoccupied sites in the capital is still free.

News: Former director of Bosch

For the other, after Lehner stepped out of former German Telekom boss Rene, Tuesday was named former Bosch manager Martina Merz. "With her experience and experience, Mrs Merz is a competent complement to our board of supervisors," said chairman of the board of directors, Pelene. Merz also controls Deutsche Lufthansa.

The Supervisory Board had already revealed differences in the management crisis following the resignations of former CEO Heinrich Hiesinger and Lehner. In addition to employees' representatives, who have a traditional influence in the heavy industry, they include the main shareholders of Krupp-Stiftung and the Swedish financial investor Cevian.


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