Wednesday , August 4 2021

Change to the top of the GoodMills Mill Group

GoodMills, a subsidiary of Leipnik-Lundenburger Invest (LLI), owned by Raiffeisen-Imperium, is the manager of the GoodMill Group. 42-year-old Leonhard Gollegger from Salzburg takes over the administration of the GoodMills group by Josef Dietrich, "This has been removed since November 1," LLI announced on Monday.

The executive board of the group will also expand to include Gunnar Steffek, the current Managing Director of GoodMills in Germany. Both directors have executive positions in the company for nine and eight years, respectively.

According to information, Gollegger studied International Business University of Innsbruck, received an MBA in Singapore and Fontainebleau and completed a degree in Political Science. 52-year-old German Steffek was Chief Executive Officer of GoodMills Germany.

According to LLI, the GoodMill group operates 25-mile plants in seven European countries, where in 2017 it grins about 2.8 million tons of grain. In the financial year 2016/17, the company reported sales of € 787 million. Operating profit of € 22 million. The result from ordinary business activities was just under 26 million euros.

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