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Brand's houses destroyed Cyrus and Gottschalk

Brand's houses destroyed Cyrus and Gottschalk

LOS ANGELES. Dozens of deaths, many missing and thousands of damaged homes, including many famous villas: this is the preliminary record of the devastating forest fires in California.


At least 31 people died in the devastating forest fires in California. The authorities had given the number of deaths on Saturday night at 23. On Sunday, two dead were found in a private-road vehicle in the area between Los Angeles and the city of Malibu.

Thousands of buildings are burning, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. The estate of German custodian Thomas Gottschalk (68) and his wife Thea in Malibu are burned. His villa was destroyed, Gottschalk told the German press service on Sunday, on request. Previously, "Bild.de" reported.

In Paradise, the situation was very dramatic. There were 19 dead. The city of 27,000 people was amazed on Thursday morning by the rapidly expanding flame of Camp Fire. Thousands of buildings have grown in flames in paradise and its surroundings, including a hospital, gas station and many restaurants. More than 52,000 inhabitants of the scenic area received evacuation orders.

"No housing will stop"

"All the inferior space of Paradise is in a fire," said Kevin Winstead, a neighbor of Magalia, KIEM TV. "No habitation will stop, I'm destroyed on the ground." Winstead was also afraid of his new home, where he wanted to move the next day.

Until Saturday, the fire had destroyed more than 40,000 hectares, according to the fire department and was only 20 percent eingedmmt. 3,200 firefighters were in service, three injured.

Other, unusually violent fires in southern California for the late epoch. The authorities called for around 250,000 people north of Los Angeles and Ventura to leave their homes.

Many stars affected

He was also influenced by the forced evictions of Malibu, west of Los Angeles, where there are many Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, or Brad Pitt. Aerial images of the California fire department have shown that the flames rushed over Hgelkmme away in millions of dollars.

Even Hollywood star Garard Butler (48) lost his villa to the flames. On Twitter, he says he returned after the evacuation. The image shows him in front of the ruins of his home. This is a fruitful time, he writes. He also thanks the fire brigade assistants.

The Mexican director and Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro announced on Twitter that his horror film exhibition is right in the course of the flames. "I'm worried about my home, but I can not do anything," tweeted Popsngerin Cher, who has been in possession of a property in Malibu for over 45 years. Lady Gaga also asked herself on Twitter if her house was in flames. Already burned was the Paramount Ranch, a setting for rubber tapes and performances.

"The level of destruction is incredible and full of heart, and we believe it is with all those who have been hit," said California's Emergency Services chief Mark Ghilarducci. Called Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has called for an emergency situation in the field of fire for quick help.

Crisis of trumps

US President Donald Trab criticized the democratically governed US state, which is separated from its policies. "There is no reason for these huge, deadly and costly forest fires, in addition to poor forest management," Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday. "Billions of dollars" will be spent each year, and yet there have been many deaths "and all because of the mismanagement of forests." The president threatened at the same time with the withdrawal of federal aid: "Bring this now to order or no more federal payments," Tousse said.

California fire brigade chief Brian Rice has rejected allegations as a "dangerous mistake". Trumps are "degraded" for the victims and "for the men and women struggling on the fronts". Trump later got the tone of Twitter and wrote: "Our hearts are with those who fight the flames," as well as with the two victims. But on Sunday again reminded a better management of forests.

Meanwhile, the fear of change grew. In the Ventura province near Los Angeles, two moving people were arrested. The head of sheriff John Benedict threatened people with arrests and imprisonment.

Miley Cyrus: "My home is no longer standing"

Even American singer Miley Cyrus (25) has lost her home in the state of California. "My home is gone, but the memories I share with my family and friends remain," he wrote on Monday on Twitter.

Despite the material loss, she considers herself "one of the lucky ones": "My animals and LOVE MY LIFE have definitely gone out and that's what counts now." The singer thanked the fire brigade and the police

The age of 25 ended the tweets with several months of social media. Cyrus's house joined the property of coordinator Thomas Gottschalk, who was also destroyed by the bush and the forest fire. The 68-year-old had sold his gazebo to the singer two and a half years ago. Cyrus's friend, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, 28, has a property next to him. Whether it was destroyed by the flames was initially unclear.

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