Saturday , January 23 2021

Börse Express – Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open: The weak euro brings Dax more stable

Weak euro exchange rate and positive requirements
Asian stock exchanges have the German stock market at the beginning of the week
Enhancement. The euro fell below the sign of Monday morning
US $ 1.13 and marked at a daily low price
$ 1,1256, the lowest since June 2017. A weak
The euro exports German companies to countries outside the euro
Eurozone more profitable.

The Dax increased in the first trading minutes by 0.50
Percentage of 11,586.26 units. Last week he was back
the German leading index moved to the side. MDaxin
represented by medium-sized enterprises
Monday 0.63 percent to 24,330.28 points. For
Benchmark Eurozone EuroStoxx 50 was about 0.40
Up to 3242.44 points up / annually / jha /

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