150 police storm a concert by Bonez MC and Raf Camora


PAP2 tour

The tour in the second window of the plastic palm series could not be better for Bonez MC and Raf Camora. Every room where the two Kollabo artists appear appears to be sold in the last square meter, which is very good in Bonez MC.

In rapper's Instagram Stories you always get an outsider a brief glimpse into the incredible, gradual PAP rap show. But now the police seem to want to spoil the fun of the bill.

police raid

As various media reports, it is currently undergoing a huge raid. After Raf Camora and Bonez MC completed their concert in the Olympic Hall in front of an unbelievable 13,000 people, now 150 police officers have to be investigated.

It is alleged that there should be a large-scale prosecutor's office. 150 police officers are going to control cars tonight and apparently to secure illegal means. An official statement does not yet exist.

Here you see the crowd:


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