Sunday , February 28 2021

VR Patents for Google Patents

You can move in any direction without going out

Google's search engine has patented a pair of trainers that let you walk into the VR. This means that they will not have to go back to the IT right, with all the resulting risks they bring.

The trainers are designed to classify VR's "limited space" problem with VR motorized shoes.

Google Patent 2018/0326286 A1 describes the basic VR mechanical skates that will allow the user to walk normally while the engines and wheels work to block your physical movement and keep you in the VR safety belt.

The instructors will allow you to walk "seemingly endless in the virtual environment", keeping you at a point in real life. The Google Shoe Solution will track the user's feet, just as VRs are currently being watched. The tracking will know when you are very close to the virtual walls of the VR area and the system will bring you back in place.

Patents are always written to give the widest possible coverage of an idea, but Google's patent shows regular wheels, wheels and even gear wheels everywhere as strong wheels for VR shoe pads. Omnidirectional wheels would be great as it will allow you to do things like deviations while still having your seat corrected by the shoes.

It will be interesting to see how many people will kill falling or stumbling over the cat. The VR corridors out there have a rigid back support, in part to keep the users in the upright position if they stumble. Adding a set of wheels to the bottom of your shoe, which could start and stop unpredictable, can make a standing up challenge a challenge.

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