No, Konami does not kill access to P.T.


The news began to appear last week, as Konami is killing access P.T. Demonstration. And no, I'm not talking about the demo on the PlayStation Store, I'm talking about the demo on PlayStation 4 player hard drives. Well, they saw the news that no, Konami does not kill access to P.T. Demonstration.

Game Informer sent a statement from Konami, which investigated allegations that the company withdrew access to the demo that had already been installed on PlayStation 4 units. The company said …

This is in response to news that they had spread P.T. Demonstration was no longer accessible to PlayStation 4 units after an update allegedly removed from the demo. As Game Informer pointed out, if that was true then it would be a really malicious and fair act.

However, it seems that the original Reddit position, where this reputation began at Silent hill sub-reddit community was worried unnecessarily. The site itself does not blame Konami for anything, it simply states that the user can no longer access the demo after an update on October 22, 2018. The players were not sure what the update did or how it affected demo, which has led some people to assume that they disabled access to the demo.

As the news began to spread, other news channels and YouTube channels began to get acquainted, which eventually led people to put Konami in charge of removing access to the demo, although it is not affected if it is already installed on your PS4.

Now, this is not about the fact that Konami has lost his way to unraveling the demo if he is to be deleted from PlayStation 4. Additionally, if you have never had the opportunity to play the demo demo, you will not you have never had the chance to play it because the demo has also been removed from the PlayStation Store.

All of this was part of Konami's efforts to lose Hideo Kojima's recent works from the company's profile. For those of you who do not know, Konami shot Kojima because Metal Gear Solid V: Imaginary painhis budget had risen to $ 80 million and executives believed he took a long time to make the game. In response, Konami closed production, which meant that the game did not end and everything ended a chapter too short to host the executives. Konami also shot Hideo Kojima and canceled it Silent Hills a work he worked with in collaboration with Hollywood director Gillermo del Toro.

And, while Konami may have come out of his way to poor Kojima and his followers P.T. Demonstration if you have not already downloaded it, the company does not send specific patches to prevent you from playing the demo if it's already installed on your PS4.


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