Mauricio Pochettino Urges Spurs to Quickly Go to Manchester City And Liverpool | Football


Mauricio Pochettino called on Tottenham players to take advantage of the timing that could make this a central weekend in the Premier League title race. The Spurs travel to Turf Moor on Saturday with the message from their manager that the victory would put pressure on Manchester City, or Wembley on Sunday afternoon after the Liverpool game at Old Trafford.

The city competes in the Carabao Cup final and Liverpool faces a challenging challenge to Manchester United, so Pochettino knows that there is a chance that the Spurs will be in two places and in both by the end of the weekend. The Spurs have yet to play both clubs, so he describes his team's play with Burnley as the final – he will not win and the upcoming games against Chelsea and Arsenal will lose part of their appeal.

"It could be a huge weekend," Spurs said. "Football is like a final for us in Burnley, it will be the key to the future of the Premier League, it's a huge three point, if we can win the three points, [Liverpool and Manchester City], things will happen in different games. But if we approach or keep a distance, we will see. "

Having the opportunity to exert more pressure on the teams above them is an advantage that Pochettino did not enjoy that much when he competed against Leicester in the 2015-16 title race when, partly because of the Europa League's commitments, only two of the last 12 fights took place on Saturdays. Pochettino grumbles at this time, so he is pleased that the situation is different now.

He is also pleased that Harry Kane is delighted to return from injury. The captain of England scored a stroke on his last trip to Turf Moor and is willing to play after an ankle injury causing him to lose the last seven Spurs matches. However, Pochettino will not get him back, and with his team having accumulated the high points during the aggressive absence, he says the suggestions that his team is dependent on Kane are unfounded.

"I never believed that and I will never believe it," he said. "Harry Kane is one of the most important players for us, one of the best aggressors in the world, but soccer is for collective, sometimes it is very disappointing for us [to hear talk of dependency on Kane]. It is so unfair that the perception is different from what we see. "


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