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Epic Games made a Fortnite Battle Royale Ask Me Anything at Reddit on Friday, February 22nd. Here you can find every question that has been answered.

AMA means "Ask me nothing". Dedicated AMA developers, influences and personalities have the opportunity to connect with their base and answer many of their questions.

The full announcement was as follows:

Welcome to today's Fortnite Battle Royale AMA, we are proud that you could do it! Let's introduce who will answer your questions today.

Today's Devs

  • EpicEricSW – Design
  • DanDaDaDanDan – Engineering
  • RZElive – Production

You gave us some great questions to get started with. So let's get to these questions / answers.

Q: Can you add the option for all consoles (including the Nintendo Switch) to reduce graphics settings and remove things such as blurring and shadows?

ONE: We add an option to disable motion blur (disabled by default) in season 8.

Turning off shadows provides a gaming advantage. This is not our intention, and we are modifying the way shadows are attributed both to brighten them and to make the characters stand out better. This will be a continuous effort starting with v8.0 and we will evaluate other options if it does not work.

Q: If you complete 13 overtime challenges, you get the battle for free and are initially 950 vbucks, will we have the option to buy the package if we want? and it will be a full price if we have already won the free pass. Thanks!

ONE: Yes, Season 8 Battle Bundle will be available at a discount for players who earn a Season 8 Battle Pass through overtime tricks.

Q: Ranking .. when?

ONE: We believe that the main axes of competition are:

  • Compete whenever you want
  • Measure and communicate your skills
  • Be challenged
  • Pop-up cups are a first small step in this direction, waiting for many repetitions.

Q: Do you intend to improve the sound of the game?

ONE: In the last few weeks we have begun to look at our gaming sound and we have seen that there is much room for improvement. Updating period 8 will include:

  • Enhanced gunfire sounds:
    • All the players' fire sounds are now 2D stereo, giving them a much fuller and natural sound.
    • All third-party sounds from other players are now monotonous and run through the new reverb, which gives much better siting of the points while still sounding "in the world".
  • Reverb
    • There is now a global reverb available.
    • We put the opt-in feature, so we'll add the reverberation to sound classes as we go.
    • Nowadays, the sounds associated with the weapons are regulated by reverb. In the future, we will be able to have different reverberation settings for different regions of the map.
  • ADS / Crouch Foley
    • New sounds have been added to enter and exit the ADS on each weapon, as well as sounds for entry and exit. This gives a better sense of ownership of the players by the actions.
  • Improvements to the up / down steps for better regular awareness.
  • Enhanced beep notification sound
  • Improve sound and mix of 2D strike alerts when players throw shots at enemies. This includes a new clearer shielding sound.
  • Clean the Crit sound that collects the "weak point"
  • We increased the dynamic range and reduced the length of this sound. is still clear, but much less tiring.
  • Fixed a problem that prevents listening to the steps in some cases.
  • Still more improvements will be made later in Season 8!

Q: Why is not SEA servers split? We have to play at 150 ping in events

ONE: We host our Asian servers in Tokyo and Singapore.

The majority of players in the general area are better served by the Tokyo data center and we are dynamically driving the players to Singapore if there are enough players in the queue who have better ping in this location.

In general, this allows us to deal more dynamically with fragmentation, as the platform platform * ends up in many bins and peripheral populations are suspended 30-40 times between the daily peak and the valley.

Having said that, we have recently made some changes to our waiting times to improve the experience of players with a better connection to the Singapore data center and to make some other changes in development to further improve the situation. Our goal is to land in March.

Q: Can you add a button to the store to confirm purchases to avoid random shopping?

ONE: We work for ways to eliminate random markets. Meanwhile, we have a system of symbolic refunds to help.

Q: Who has the most winnings at Epic Games?

ONE: [EPIC] Tense (Mitch Meara): 577 in the default playlists

Q: What was the most difficult place for replacement / discharge?

ONE: Dusty Depot since it was the first time we had to make the decision to take the dive and change something on a larger scale. In general, what we change has a bittersweet look at it for someone.

Q: A word for season 8?

ONE: Bananas


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