Wednesday , July 28 2021

Aldi Australia wine and beer come calendars for sale on November 14th

It was a time when birthday calendars were for children only. Now, ALDI has breathed some new life into the Christmas tradition.

ALDI Australia adds some festive joy to the start of the beer and wine diaries, allowing you to go glass every day up until December 25th.

Wine logs came to fruition when they were released in the UK last year.

But Australia's ALDI has gone even better with the release of a ready-made beer log.

Sold at November 14, at $ 79.99, Weekend 24 Day Celebration comes with 24 French wines in solid piccolo bottles

Something for you to overturn while wrapping all these Christmas presents.

For the beer lover, the Hoppy Christmas Beer Advent Calendar, which costs $ 59.99, features 24 first beers from around the world, such as Peroni, Corona and Asahi.

ALDI Christmas calendar calendars will be available as part of their special purchases on Wednesday 14th November.

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