Sunday , April 18 2021

$ 1.4 million Driving in Queensland jobs

Four new full-time jobs will be created with an injection of funding for the Queensland QIMR Berghofer medical research institute.

The state government has given $ 1.4 million to the research center to develop better treatments for patients with multiple sclerosis and some cancers, creating more biomedical jobs in Queensland.

State Minister for Development, Cameron Dick, said the injection of funding helped the institute secure an agreement with the American biopharmaceutical company Atara Biotherapeutics to prepare immunotherapies for clinical trials at the local level and in the United States and Europe.

"What this investment will mean is that this great research institute will continue to lead the international way when it comes to immunotherapy," he said.

"It will create up to forty new full-time jobs by 2022

"So no matter who is winning the Melbourne Cup today, Queensland has the triptych: medical innovation, more jobs and better health care for Queensland."

QIMR Berghofer coordinator of the Center for Immunotherapy and Vaccine Development

Professor Rajiv Khanna said funding would help them deliver therapies to patients with critical illness.

"Because there is a need today," he said.

"We are developing new treatments for cancer and autoimmune disease, but there are patients waiting not only for Brisbane, and this funding will allow us to deliver those spectacular therapies to these patients."

He said immunotherapy was invaluable in terms of increasing a patient's quality of life.

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