Two Xbox models will be presented by Microsoft on E3 2019


They have been rumored for quite some time now the possible revelation of two Xbox models for the new generation of consoles has become strong enough. And that does nothing more than to get even more power with the news that the French JeuxVideo average showed, which confirmed that Microsoft will announce two new consoles on the next E3 2019.

The Scarlett project – titled well from the name of the next Xbox- aims to launch two consoles, one such as those known so far and another cheaper option, betting on digital games, and making the disc reader have the first choice.

The most classic console is currently known under the code name "Anaconda" which I would be a disc player and could play games in a 4K definition. While the other console, known as "Lockhart" I would leave the disc reader and will focus on digital download and streaming games with which you can play games from the cloud. In addition, solving the games will be at 1080p, which will significantly reduce its cost, compared to the first classical version.

JeuxVideo also presented the documented technical specifications for both consoles, which validates the filtered information.

The first game to come out for these two consoles will be Halo Infinite, since then the start date of this game will be for the end of 2020, just as it is supposed to sell these consoles.


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