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they went in to rob the health center after his inauguration

The health Center It is located at kilometer zero of the provincial route no. 1. In the early hours of this Friday, the thieves entered an airship and took two screens with a keyboard and a computer. Reflectors on the public highway were stolen last week. In the morning the attention is suspended.

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At dawn on Friday, the thieves entered by a small airship which has the health center located at km zero of provincial route no. 1. On May 30, he opened the Health Center and after 20 days to work the alien's friends took the place.

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This morning, local officials arrived and found the worst scene. About 2 pm, the villagers entered, taking with them two screens, two keyboards and a computer.

Laura Verger, in front of the health center, he said The air of Santa Fe "We have already begun the process of retrieving the data, having two screens, keyboards and a computer." Today we have information systems that we work from across the province: management, help, benefits and supplies have to be loaded there. 39; this morning the center will remain closed until the situation is normalized. "

The interview added, "We have information that something is recapturing the police. It is a basic health service, together we have to defend ourselves and accompany us."

On May 30, the day the center was inaugurated, reflectors were placed in the area they stole last week.

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