They assure that the outbreak of hantavirus is controlled and that a tragedy is prevented – 02/22/2019


"The outbreak of the hantavirus in the Chubut Mountains is controlled," National Health Minister Adolfo Rubinstein said. "For the joint action on health between the provinces and the Nation," we avoid a tragedy. " On the other hand, the governor of Chubut and the national government have signed agreements to send aid to the affected areas, especially in Epuyén, the epicenter's epicenter, under the same conditions in the control of the virus; Jorge Elias, of the Ministry of Health, spoke at the Esquel of Tubout.

The national official participated in Bariloche for the delivery of equipment and an ambulance for the Ramón Carrillo hospital and referred to the state of the hantavirus event in which 11 people died and that yesterday, after almost 80 days, all patients were finally evacuated in the halls hospitalization of the Esquel and Epuyén hospitals. But that was clarified Some people still remain in selective isolation at home in several Chubut sites but no new cases have been recorded in recent weeks.

"We avoid a tragedy," said Nato's Health Minister, Adolf Rubinstein

Rubinstein said that "appropriate action has been taken between Nación and the provinces of Chubut and Río Negro" and said he was "very pleased". "This could be a tragedy, and the truth is that by working well, provinces and the nation, I think we have avoided a tragedy," he said.

He also defended Chubut's health performance by hantavirus and said that the isolation of people linked to the patients suffered at the end and "acted appropriately and swiftly according to the epidemic."

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The outburst began at a birthday party held in Epuyén in mid-November. There was a farm worker who had contracted the rodent virus that is known as a long tail while a shed was cleaned. A 14-year-old adolescent who was part of the celebration was the first deadly victiml at the beginning of December. After the set and in Chubut there were 11 deaths

Epuyen, in January, when the fear of hantavirus grew. Photo: AP

Epuyen, in January, when the fear of hantavirus grew. Photo: AP

The national official also stressed that "we have confirmation that the transmission is via human transmission of the strain of the South Andean virus and that it has had a genetic mutation that has increased its infectivity and transmissibility," said Rubinstein when referring to this week's report issued the National Laboratory and Institutes of Health Administration (Anlis) Carlos Malbrán.

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Next to Rubinstein was Río Negro Health Minister Fabián Zgaib, who confirmed the purchase of equipment for the immediate diagnosis of hantavirus to be installed at Ramón Carrillo Hospital, whose director Leonardo Gil said that in 15 days the equipment will reach work will be done to adapt a space to the old building to install the lab where the diagnostic work with the new equipment will be carried out. This equipment will be detected within a few hours if an individual is infected with the Hanta virus, but will also be able to diagnose other viruses or bacteria.

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