The Paris map at Overwatch will have a secret room


Yesterday, according to what we believe released the first Teaser of his 30th hero Tracking, one such Jean-Baptiste Agustin, one of the things the Choque de Cuerva has said to us, is that this guy was a well-trained combat physician capable of adapting to everything he would come by releasing this teaser of his community Tracking He has begun to consider not only how his skills will be or how his skills will work, but where he will be and where his story will be.

Normally when the team Overwatch starts these teasers, the first tries to mislead, however, so to contain this, seems to be very direct that could be the next hero. Now, as we believe innocently, there was no second teaser, at least not as obvious as the first, the following post on Twitter that made his account Tracking, was to give us a small guide to everything we need to see on the new map of Paris, nothing strange to there, however, the last paragraph of this guide is somewhat strange.

The last paragraph of this text, which is on the news blog of its official website Tracking It says:

Paris is a city full of hidden gems, so do not forget to look for underground bars and hidden places as you tour the city. Perhaps by saying the right word you could end up somewhere that I did not know it existed.

This has attracted the attention of the English-speaking community, many have tried to tackle some of the doors closed on the Paris map and have tried to use the "Hello" or "Thank you" voice lines with each of the heroes and has also tested with some voice lines without great success, but recently and thanks to a way of glitching the map in a personalized game, there has been found an extra room that unlike other structures, It is impossible to pass, so far, with Glitch of Textures.

As we can see in the personalized game, they try to erase the Doomfist final to pass between the textures of the map, surely as we noticed in the video that can go under many buildings except one, which seems to be protected from something invisible do not let it pass and we can also see some texture of the floor of this place, so it seems that if there is something behind this place.

The location is near the bounce of the invaders, where there are some graffiti and things that undermine Omnicos in Paris, people try to decipher it, but there is also the possibility that it is another "SkyCode" as it was in the shadow ARG, hopefully we are wrong and somebody in the next few hours to solve the enigma that saves Paris, since we have to find the "right word" that might be able to enter this place.

Overwatch Paris Secret Room Map Adequate Word Teaser 30

Tracking is available at Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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