The most expensive talc in the world! Resilient financial penalty on Newell for the dust that remained in the classic


The Disciplinary Court imposed financial sanctions on the old boys of Newell of Rosario for his responsibility for the appearance of dust in the costumes of Coloso Marcelo Bielsa, in the preview of the classic versus Rosario Central from the Argentine Superliga and this caused the attack of two Canalla employees.

The body that is dependent on the Argentine Football Association (AFA) sets a harsh punishment for leprosy, which will have to pay a total of 360 thousand pesos for fine for this act of indifference which took place on Sunday, February 10th.

The Disciplinary Court found Newell guilty of throwing "substance in the form of dust in the visitor's changing rooms" and this extraordinary sanction was established. Hours after the classic it was known that the substance was finally talcum powder.

A few hours before the start of the race scheduled for 5:10 pm, the central officials arrived at the visitor's locker room and there they found a suspicious substance that seemed to be ashes and her photo apparently spread within a few minutes through social networks.

One of the employees of Canalla, Juan Pablo Sena, suffered vomiting and dizziness the reason why the leadership of the Central Government decided the urgent form of abandoning the site despite the delay of the meeting that this situation could cause.

According to sources from Edgardo "Patón" Bauza, the closet was thoroughly cleaned and even disinfectant was fired, but there was also a strong smell of ammonia in the room.

For that reason, at that time it was decided that the Canalla players would change to the local reserve locker while all the supports were in a different position.


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