Friday , May 14 2021

The future of video games will start on Android with Samsung and Xbox

For a long time it has been said that the future of video games is in a continuous flow, in this ability to run a title from a console, a phone or tablet from the Internet but with the same quality and speed we see in a console when we play directly to the disc or game you downloaded.

True, there are already streaming video games, we have options like the Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, NVIDIA GeForce Now and many other options. We commented before, where you can play exactly the same from your computer, phone, tablet or console, it looks like it could change soon.

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And although we can blame Microsoft for much of its list being far behind Sony, or sometimes Nintendo, the reality is that Redmond seems to be the most advanced in terms of the future of video games, and thanks to xCloud, the most powerful game flowing to date.

We had already spoken Microsoft Project xCloud a few days ago, but there is already an official announcement about the arrival of the project on Samsung smartphones, so the future of this industry is near and will launch Android with the help of Samsung.

The future is now

Although not many details have been given and we have not seen much about how xCloud will work on consoles and mobile devices, everything seems to be ready start testing with users in early 2019, and obviously it the first Android users to test the service will be Samsung customers.

I repeat, neither Samsung nor Microsoft have given details about the tests, we do not know on which day it will start exactly or in which countries, much less if the equipment will be compatible, however, it is likely that only the high-end will have access to Project xCloud, for example the Galaxy S10, Note 9 and S9.

According to Microsoft, xCloud will provide us with graphical quality and console on smartphones, all that users need is the Internet connection, in addition to subscription when the service is officially released, although we will have to wait until then for several months

How will Project xCloud work?

Xbox video games will work thanks to Microsoft Cloud Azure, servers will run the game and transmit the image and sound to Galaxy smartphones, except for Redmond, who runs smartphone controls that allow for a complete gaming experience.

It is assumed that the delay will be virtually undetectable for the user, although it will also be necessary to have a minimum connection speed to have a satisfactory experience.

Microsoft will definitely reveal more details of the function as the start date for testing for Project xCloud user approaches.

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