Tuesday , October 19 2021

The fight against dubious drugs continues in poor countries


It is common for people trust blindly when swallowing medicines, but this is usually more reliable only in the cases of those countries belonging to First worldThe

one study made of United Nations (ΤΟΝ-ΤΟΝ-ΤΟ) decided that a 10% of the drug sold at Developing countries his sound low quality included fakeThis is why the importance of improving it detection system and control on its sale medicinesThe

Identification of drugs prototype can be found at container, which is unique, a factor that prevents the entry of possible imitations in legal supply chainIn this way a drug is unlikely adulterated or the danger reaches his hands populationThe

There are two basic tools to identify modified products. The first is a ID with a 2D verification code Contains twenty randomly generated characters, plus the package contains the batch number and expiration date. The second is a breach protection system which guarantees that the container has not been opened from the moment of its production until its sale at its premises medical suppliesThe

These methods was effective thanks to her joint work merchants, merchants, pharmacy and private hospitalsIn this way it was recorded that 2.7 billion of drugs had unique identifiers, more than 750 million of containers had been verified and more than 500 million drugs were removed from the market for their irregularities.

Thanks to digitization, the identification system can monitor all its stages development of the drug, that is, they are two large allies that work perfectly to avoid serious consequences.

Despite the state standards and international organizations, there are Business dedicated to developing tools to further improve their detection scamsOne of them is SICPA, one Swiss company created a label that allows the identification of the copies by identifying the plastics used for the medical devicesThe

According to the Swiss company, these counterfeit drugs are responsible for 700,000 people die from malaria and tuberculosisThe

And in time pandemic, the counterfeits have reached both diagnostic examinations I would like to European Digital Covid CertificateFor this reason, SICPA acknowledges that they currently procedures are more necessary than ever when it depends on these two tools spread of the coronavirusThe

“We advise Governments and principles to prevent the falsification of passports and coronavirus tests, “said SICPA’s Director of Business Development, adding that” strong measures to avoid these scams “.

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