The decisive boom for the far right, the judge's high-risk game


RIO DE JANEIRO.- Those who know the federal judge well
Sergio Moro points out that three elements have led him to accept the appointment as the elected Justice and Security Minister of the Brazilian President,

Jair Bolsonaro
, which means the marketing of the ultra-right leader, while at the same time poses a very high risk to the judge.

First of all,
Moro is an idealist judge who is convinced of his new position as a "significant difference" in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

Secondly, the judge believes that, contrary to the extreme positions of the Bolshevik military dictatorship and torture, women, homosexuals, homosexuals, and the rejection of activism against human and environmental rights, is an 'institutional shield for the rule of law'.

Finally, those who work with Moro do not rule out their motivation for personal ambition,
jump on a springboard, from which you jump as president in the next choices. His own wife, Rosangela, sees the integration of the Bolsonaro government supported by social networks.

"Undoubtedly, for Morocco, Bolsonaro will give a strong impetus to his future leadership, in his clear follow-up to his followers who have promised not to break a ceasefire in the fight against corruption and crime, the most important record in this area today in Brazil" – he stressed.
THE NATIONAL Professor of Political Science at Flavio Britto, Brasilia University.

For the academician, the critique of the alleged bias and semi-preparedness of the left-wing populist was already present, especially in the Workers' Party (PT), who felt "victimized" by the political persecution of Moro and the justice authority. But the international prestige of famous dignity can now be influenced.

"Moro loses much more in this decision than Bolsonaro, but this step was not well received abroad, which could affect the global reputation of the Lava Jato operation," said Oliver Stuenkel, international relations analyst. Getulio Vargas Foundation. "This is a very risky decision for her," he added.


He coined himself with political scientist Mauricio Santoro of Rio de Janeiro State University. "First, Moro joins a far-right policy with a bad reputation, and on the other hand, it will be subjected to the natural behavior and political betrayal of any cabinet, political-party talks that can at any time release it, and even more the improvisation we saw in Bolsonaro's team, then we will see how he responds to allegations of corruption and misuse of powers that are against the next government, a difficult balance must be exercised, Santoro said.

On the other hand, Moro's introduction to the administration of Bolsonaro not only does not rely on Brazil's deep political polarization, but it increases it.

In the spirit of such a wide range of social divisions, which symbolizes the Bolshevian election campaign, Bolsonar appears to be determined to seek no national reconciliation, but only holds the satisfaction of constitutional demands in a government that is expected to face difficulties. Follow the Latin font size
share and ripes, he continues to generate conflicts, as he is the symbol of Donald Trump's reputation in the United States.


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