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Some police officers supported and ended the shots: the woman was shot in the head – 06/21/2019

A police officer on the city died on Friday when she was shot in the head and her partner, a Federal Police officer, was injured and arrested when she faced each other during a fight at a Quilmes home.

It all started on Thursday night when the two officers – in service – were in a house in San Juan in 2029 and Madame Curie from Quilmes Oeste and for reasons that were investigated a strong couple talk.

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Under these circumstances, obviously both effective, are defined as Melisa Julieta Kumber (27) and Mauricio Nicolás Sánchez (30)They shot firearms and injured, so they had to be hospitalized, the whistleblowers added.

In the middle of the alleged controversy, the police were shot in the head, at the height of the right temple and died in the early hours of Friday, around 3 am, at the Iriarte hospital, according to associate director Daniel Barquero.

Meanwhile, the Federal Citizen was shot on the shoulder and also seen in the hospital and, having undergone the necessary therapies, was released and released. He was arrested.

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Representatives added that Sánchez would have family violence complaints against Kumber, which the judge of Quilmes tried to find to add to the file.

At the scene, the police officers were kidnapped two firearms measuring 9 mm in diameter and both police officers will receive expert advice to see if both have been fired.

The cause is in Quilmes's 4 office, responsible for prosecutor Karina Gallo.

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