Saturday , June 19 2021

Online shopping, a bet to mitigate sales decline – InfoRegión

CAME reported that one of the effects of the reduction in sales is the commitment to e-commerce.

According to one study, 67% of Internet purchases were concentrated in retail and retail small and medium-sized businesses. The CAME has warned that traders are betting on e-commerce to attract the "young audience" in the face of declining retail sales.

62% of Internet purchases were gathered in retail and retail small and medium-sized businesses, according to a survey conducted for CAME, with figures that rose by 50% annually.

Focus Market Director and CAME adviser Damián Di Pace stressed that "SMEs dedicated to the internal market in e-marketing are an alternative to normalizing the fall in sales" so far this year, Telam

Retail sales of SME stores decreased by 9.4% in October compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, measured in units*, and accrues an annual fall of 4.9% in the first 10 months of the year.

"All the items that make up the retail basket have fallen sharply in a market that is precisely and necessarily sold, people who have spent much money with cards and even escaped interest-free fees because of high-priced rates when they pay only the minimum. to pay with one single payment or more than one without interest, was always selected in time, "the entity said.

In his report, he stressed that in October, 76.4% of the consultants had annual reductions in their offices, only 17.4% increased and 6.2% remained unchanged. "There is great concern among entrepreneurs about how selling at the end of the year will be if the market does not get," they warn.

He warned, in this scenario, that "one of the results" is the increase in online sales. "Many companies add this method to particularly attract young pubs," said the report published a few days ago.


Regarding the tripartite table of dialogue between government, trade unions and entrepreneurs, Argentina's Mediation Confederation, they argue that the first people who are interested in using consumer-friendly tools are traders but have warned that "5,000 pesos bonuses." "For small and medium-sized businesses are unattainable, "they said.

"From CAME, we propose to continue the dialogue with the bank on the analysis, for SMEs that can afford it if the payment plans increase in more than one installment dividing the type of business, and also that it is inefficient and is considered progress future joint "They explained on Wednesday.

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