Mauricio Macri celebrated the decision to restrict testing to motorcycles


Following the resolution signed by the Prosecutor General's Office was known to limit the trials for those committing road crimes, such as motorcycles, President Mauricio Macri He supported this determination.

"Taking care of those who commit crimes is also part of the deep cultural change that is happening. It's a very good decision of the General Prosecutor of the Nation, Eduardo Casal, to oppose the use of the test that benefits motorcycles. Congratulations! "Said the president.

In addition to the head of state, Minister Patricia Bullrich also which manifests on social networks in favor of the resolution adopted by the Advocate General.

"Well from Dr. Casal, with this measure ending the impunity of motorcycles, now the forces and the police know that their work will not be futile and that the criminals will be imprisoned. The revolving door for motorcycles is over. The one who makes them pays them, "the official wrote.

Nato General Prosecutor Eduardo Casal has ordered prosecutors to limit the benefits can get those who commit certain types of public crimes such as robberies on the street.

In its Resolution 13/2019, the Prosecutor's Office instructed prosecutors to take action at the time of the adoption of the 'Admissibility of the Suspension of Proceedings' to consider the specific circumstances of the act'for the defense of legality and the general interests of society. "

For the lawyer, it's motorcycle theft "harm to the safety of the population influencing both their personal integrity and their property. "

Because of this, the employee claimed that by granting a concession as a test in a "non-reflex" way can "significantly weaken regulatory expectations about the usefulness of the institute as a means for more effective administration of justice and its objectives."

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