March will start with another rise in fuel


Raúl Castellanos, secretary of the Fuel Business Chamber, explained that the rate of increase in fuel prices will depend on different variables.

"The price of oil is considered, the value of the dollar that affects; the tax on fuel is adjusted for inflation every three months"He said.

"Generally the reason is a liter of super boiling for the value of a dollar," he said.

The businessman reported a sharp drop in fuel consumption, with an annual decline of 5% in December and 10% in November.

Meanwhile, he suggested that the CNG "grows less than liquid fuel" and costs "half of the super-naphtha." "It is not measured by the same parameters, it is competitive," he concluded.

If this increase occurs, it will be the second consecutive month with fluctuations. Earlier this month, YPF increased its fuel price across the country by 1.6%.

Sources of the companies specified that the increase could be 5%, if the crude and dollar prices remain at current levels or are even higher. So far this month, the dollar rose by almost 5% and Brent rose from $ 62.60 a barrel in early February to $ 66.20 at the end of Thursday, equivalent to a 6% rise so far this month month.

Tax pressure is another problem. According to the companies, what already sets a 2% increase in naphtha and diesel for March is the impact of the fuel tax, which is updated quarterly on the basis of inflation in the previous period. In this case, October-December, which was 3.7% on average, said Carlos Gold, President of the CECHA Alliance for Trade of Alcohol and Allied Industries (CECHA).

Source: agencies and digital media.


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