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After intense negotiations in the areas to be involved in the internal change and the deadline set by the Election Commission on Change, yesterday night he met the formers who would contest the candidacies to the mayor and vice-president of the capital city of Cordoba.

Rodrigo de Loredo and Alfredo Sapp will incorporate the binomial that Ramón Mestre supports. Meanwhile, Luis Juez added Alicia Migliore as his partner to the list led by Mario Negri.

With these names, as well as other missing parts of the provincial and municipal electoral positions, the lists drawn up by both Mestre and Negri to compete within March 17 were completed.

The judiciary has threatened to file an extension request to inform its deputy but has been deactivated yesterday yesterday before a possible dismissal of the members of the electoral council.

With the deadly deadline of 20 yesterday, the proxies filled the missing data in the lists that were presented on Monday with "reserve" intervals.

There were many empty squares in these salary assignments, with a clear indication that they were still negotiating the names that were incorporated in the different parts of the vote.

Radical formula

The most important political elements that emerged from the closure of the lists were the names of the thugs who would accompany the presidential candidates to the mayor of the city of Cordoba.

Under the agreement between Mestre and De Loredo, the pre-candidate for the Deputy Mayor should be a leader of the mestrista kidney, although he was not vetoed by the former Arsat.

There has been a dance of names that sounded over the last few days, such as those of Marcelo Cossar, Javier Bee Sellares and Brenda Austin. Finally, Mestrism revealed Sapp's name as De Loredo's companion.

"I want to tell you that Alfredo Sapp will be the one who will accompany me to lead a large group of women and men to strengthen and continue to transform the city," Arsat said after announcing via social networks.

Sapp was the legal counselor of the Municipality and since the end of January this year he is the Chairman of the Organization of Municipal Services and Public Works (Esop).

"I feel joyous and honored by the challenge of being a candidate for Cordoba's vice president," said Sapp on Twitter, who praised De Loredo's political personality as a "promising new candidate".

Press Agreement

For his part, Negri, with the approval of the judge, decided that Migliore would accompany the Civic Front leader on the formula to compete on March 17th.

Migliore is a radical leader of the negrista core. He is a lawyer and a minority specialist.

Among his historian as a political activist, he is a founding member of a radical women's rights group.

In the search for the opposition, Negri and Judge had already spoken of the man or woman of radical mining, although until the last moment this presidential nomination was put forward as a promise of unity before the political partners of the other Cambiemos list reached a consensus which never reached and this confirmed the start of the interior.

In the context of closing the lists, the judge showed yesterday the pre-candidates to the consultants in the area of ​​the hunter who concentrated on the negroes, the judges, the longs and the lovers.

"We have created a large team and with the support of all Cordoba we will return to govern the city of Cordoba," said the former mayor.

Meanwhile, Negri and Héctor Baldassi met with the law-makers who make up the list with the support of La Rosada.

Candidates who came up after difficult negotiations

Despite the differences, there was a common thread between the two sectors facing each other at Cambiemos' home on 17 March: the nominations were completed at the last minute and amid tough talks.

Apart from applicants to provincial lawmakers and city council members who had been left vacant, last Monday's presentation of the two categories that led to many debates over the past few days were co-rapporteurs of the presidential nominees Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo.

In both cases there were surprises with the names. In the case of De Loredo, he was known to be the leader of Mestrian, and Marcelo Cossar, Secretary of Modernization, Communication and Strategic Development, was persistently mentioned. Also, Deputy Breda Austin.

Finally, Mestre was in favor of Alfredo Sapp, the head of Esop, a former municipal legal counsel and a former auditor.

Rare Away from Casa Rosada, Mestre joined Briner and agreed with De Loredo. (Mestre type)

It is a black mestrista palace, with which Mayor Ramón Mestre managed to impose one of his employees on the second step of the list.

On the sidewalk in front of Cambiemos, many meetings were also held to complete the municipal formula.

It was a fact that one or a radical would connect former Luis Juez to the governor formula.

He was referred to the provincial legislature Orlando Arduh, but ultimately the juecismo announced that the candidate for the interrogation would be Alicia Migliore.

He is a trusted leader of Mario Negri, who never owned an elected office.

There were also negotiations until the minutes before the closure of the lists for the other categories, but no doubt that the larger discussions concerned the second step of the formula for the capital. If these discussions are left with wounds, they will appear in the campaign.

List of Lists: Negri-Judge Agreement

Alicia Migliore (Voice / File)

Negri decided that Alicia Migliore was seconded to a judge.

We are the Change. The list is led by Mario Negri (governor) and Héctor Baldassi (Vice-President).

Organization and Vice-President. Luis Juez is the mayor's precursor. Alicia Migliore, Vice-President.

Consultants Juan Negri, Haydée Iglesias, Juan Pablo Quinteros, María Eugenia Terré and Armando Fernández, in the first boxes.

Legislators per region. Juan Jure, Patricia De Ferrari, Dario Capani, Silvia Pala and Alberto Abrosio.

Legislator for the capital section. Soher the Sucreia.

Random list: Mestre-De Loredo agreement

Alfredo Sapp. (Voice / File)

Mestre arranged for Alfredo Sapp to go with De Loredo.

The change is coming. The formula is embodied by Ramón Mestre (governor) and Carlos Briner (vice).

Organization and Vice-President. Rodrigo de Loredo is the precursor of the mayor of the capital. Alfredo Sapp will be promoted to vice president.

Consultants Cecilia Aro, Pablo Romero, Daniela Sachi, Lucas Balian and Mariana Jaime are among the first.

Legislators per region. Antonio Rins, Veronica Garade Panneta, Dante Rossi, Marisa Carillo and Marcelo Cossar.

Legislator for the capital section. Mariano Font.


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