Tuesday , October 27 2020

Julieta Díaz and Romina Gaetani against Juan Darthés: "I am not surprised that the affairs continue to appear"

The actor, who shared a cast with both I am a Gypsy, referred to the situation of the actor, who returned to Argentina.

Ms Julieta Díaz spoke on the complaints against Juan Darthés

His return Juan Darthés in the country, after spending six months in exile in Brazil after her violation was denounced Thelma Fardin It has created a turmoil in the artistic community.

Pamela in the afternoon went to search for speech Juliet Díaz, who was cast member of Darthés and now part of the collective Argentine actors.

"We must act as the Actrices Argentinas, we will always support Thelma and we are with her, we will defend it and become a Justice," assured Julieta.

When asked about Darthés's decision to go to Brazil, Días replied: "I do not think so much. The collective body will have its opinion, we generally do not think of ourselves and turn to justice. We accompany Thelma and after the judge takes over the situation of Thelma and if that person violates the law or not. "

"It is not surprising that other cases arise because other cases have come before Thelma, I am not surprised, the truth is that it is regrettable that the affairs continue to appear but I am not surprised"

Then notero told him: "Other occasions like Romina Gaetani's last week you worked with her, were you pleased to see other cases?"

Julieta, who collaborated with Gaetani and Darthés in I am a Gypsy, which is reflected in Romina's words, saying that the actor "crossed the line": "No, it does not surprise me that other cases occur because other cases came before Thelma. It does not surprise me The truth is that it is regrettable that the affairs continue to appear but I am not surprised. No. "

As to the end, the actor assured him of how he believes the Thelma in Justice complaint will be resolved: "The question is that the judge stops being patriarchal and actually defends and hears someone talking about abuse."

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