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Juan Manuel Campillo, former finance minister K of Santa Cruz, linked to show business – 11/20/2018

Former finance minister Juan Manuel Campillo, Santa Cruz, was arrested Tuesday after federal judge Claudio Bonadio ordered him to be detained as part of the case of portable bribes.

Campillo, who is considered "the first Valijero K", is a widow of Carlos Di Doménico, who died under strange conditions. He dealt with the case as Elizabeth Ortiz Municoy, a former wife of the allegedly late man of the late Daniel Muñoz, former private secretary of Néstor Kirchner, said he was repent.

Extremely sure man from Néstor Kirchner, Campillo was Secretary of the Treasury of Santa Cruz during the years when he was out of budget, those that this province took for the badly liquidated rights of the then Repsol-YPF.

The arrest took place at the Urquiza 1491 Hotel in Rosario, at the request of prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, in the case that Cristina Kirchner was prosecuted as the head of the illegal club dedicated to the illegal collection of money from 2004 to 2015, according to the survey.

In the context of the case investigating a corruption structure by the displaced Federal Ministry of Planning, Campillo was reported by Elisabet Municoy, who was appointed as one of Daniel Munoz's chiefs.

The latter, now dead, was secretary of Néstor Kirchner and responsible for moving and transporting money bags, as determined by Judge Bonadio.

Juan Manuel Campillo with his wife, Carlos Di Doménico, who died in May.

Juan Manuel Campillo with his wife, Carlos Di Doménico, who died in May.

Munujo said the former economy minister was an intermediary in Muñoz's various real estate operations in the United States where he acquired at least 17 properties and where he would have invested $ 70 million.

For these efforts, according to the entrepreneur's testimony, Campillo received $ 5 million in commissions.

During the trips to the United States, the businessman from Mar del Plata reminded Bonadio that Campillo traveled with his nephew Gastón, to whom the arrest warrant was issued and even the Federal Police can not find him.

Among others, former partner of Carolina Pochetti (Muñoz's widow) also pointed out that Campillo intervened capital movement abroad, the money that Justice suspects that initially "does not correspond to Muñoz but to Kirchners," said the court sources Clarin.

On the other hand, Judge Bonadio issued an arrest warrant Osvaldo Parolari, who appears as a manager in a series of real estate operations carried out by Muniotis and his ex-wife, Sergio Todcock – both of whom are repentant on the case of bribes' laptops – $ 13 million in 2011.

This is an apartment overlooking Manhattan's Central Park at the Plaza Hotel, which offers residential units apart from the hotel's rooms.

Campillo took over the government of Daniel Peralta the Ministry of the Economy and later moved to Buenos Aires where he was responsible for the ONCCA – the National Office for Agricultural Commerce Control – an organization that was dissolved by reports of irregularities.

Investigation and raids

As a result of this new incident in the investigation, Judge Bonadio ordered eight raids, two of which were conducted in Río Gallegos, at Grupo Llaneza's real estate, linked to Daniel Muñoz. Horacio and Leandro Llaneza will be dealt on Thursday from 10.

For that day, research is also planned Juan Manuel Campillo and others investigated in the case as Gustavo Sergio Dorf, associated with Daniel Angelici

The other raids are held in Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, Federal Capital and Vicente López.

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