Sunday , February 28 2021

Jimena Barón confessed how many times she agreed to have sex with Mauro Caiazza on her vacation: "Three times a day"

The singer said she was going to go to the Caribbean with her boyfriend for a week, but that she put a "sexual demand" on her.

Jimena Barón revealed to her how many times she thinks of having sex with Mauro Caiazza during his holiday

If there is someone who is not afraid to show off his sexuality, not to be forbidden on his networks or to speak directly about his desires, he is Jimena Baron. The singer revealed it ShowMatch that he would go on vacation in the Caribbean and confessed that he put the bar very high in the amount of sex he will have with Mauro Caiazza.

"It seems to me that sex is three times beautiful, three in seven days, no, every day!"

"We stayed in a number …" Jimena began. "In many of them … It's a couple who sees love and again. Tell me a number that stayed in seven days," Tinelli asked while the couple laughed. "It seems to me that three are good", it is over. "Three in seven days?" Marcello interjected, while he was strict. "No, the day!", began, clarifying that this figure looked right … and the amazing face of Laurita said it all!

"To get a trip to the Caribbean, 21 days … Do you get Caiaza? And you Jimena too?", The guide continued to ask about the actor's "sexual challenge." "Always," was the final answer Jimena Baron. Super Hot Couple!

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