Huawei is embarrassed by Samsung's news of the Galaxy S10


A little more than a month ago for the presentation of the P30 Pro partner of Huawei's smartphone, which will have a four-door camera designed by Leica to be released on March 26 in Paris, the Chinese company came out with a lot of acidity and irony to emphasize that many from Samsung's "innovations" on Tuesday already existed in Huawei devices.

One of the anecdotes was the triple camera behind the Galaxy S10 +, which the South Korean company is making for the first time on a mobile phone.

"So they went to the triple chamber club, we already have the best places." "The best comes in three, better than ever," says spicy tweet. The visual reference, furthermore, points out that the next device of the Chinese company comes with four photographic sensors.

In this other tweet, it is clear that the Mate P20 Pro already has rechargeable battery charging, another feature announced with drums and reels from Samsung.

The Huawei Community Account Manager in Mexico was left with the desire to mock his archivist.


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