Follow the scandal for the Maradona series: Dalma showed against the actors who will make his mother


The series about Diego Maradona's life still gives something to talk and this time was Dalma who went out to shoot through her Twitter account, showing the actors who will play Claudia Villafañe.

"The actors who shoot my dad's music know that nobody ever went with my mom and that a few days ago no one from the project appeared for the mediation she asked for?" Dalma wrote to her Twitter account, quoting Julieta Cardinali and Laura Esquivel.

The actor clarified that she did not "hold" her colleagues, though she thought: "Let's say things like, let's deal with the truth, and let everyone take on his own: interpret a person who is alive, how will you go with her? "

Dalma Maradona on Twitter

Dalma Maradona on Twitter


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