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“¡Fabiuloso!”: The help of Facundo Campazzo that the speaker fell in love with and Twitter

Facundo Campazzo played 18 minutes in the Denver Nuggets’ 119-101 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. in numbers his production was not plentiful, but he left the acrobatic jewel of presence without looking. Credit: USA TODAY Sports

“One, two, three!” Shouts her TV reporter Denver nuggets when Facundo Campazzo scores a triple. This time it was sent with another expression in Spanish or something similar: “And Fabiuloso!”. Happy with what Cordovan had done, the narrator described one help well at Campazzo: automatic tube and reverse, for a Monte Morris layup and a Denver 46-38 partial over Oklahoma City Thunder.

It happened in the second quarter of the game that the Colorado team ended up winning at home 119 α 101 and became the seventh victory in 14 games (50% yield). Oklahoma City (6-7), with virtually no numbers on its roster, collapsed at that time and never put their opponent in danger.

“Oh my God, @facucampazzo”

Campazzo’s wonderful performance, typical of what he did for the Argentine national team from his time at Real Madrid, was not limited to this: he started with a robbery. The Argentine cut a pass, looked to the left and realized that Harris was behind him, ran to the end, looked to the right to see how much sign was running at him and, as if he had mirrors behind him, ran between his legs and with a jump to pass back with a spike that left the ball to his partner at chest level. Ideal.

“So good help that you have to see it twice”

There were a lot of celebrations on Twitter by Argentine fans, who were fired by the franchise community manager (responsible for social media accounts) with three sushi and the corresponding videos of the base’s acrobatic goal. Of course, in Denver they know what Campazzo produces to their country fans and they match that interest. “Hello” to our fans in Argentina, where it is late, at 11:30 p.m. “, The speaker greeted, with the first word spoken in Spanish, the spectators of the country of Facundo when he entered the game for the first time.

“The corners from the side of the field * that * pass”

“Facu’s help”

Campazzo makes the back pass between his legs.  Monte Harris will come to determine speed with speed.
Campazzo just made the back pass between his legs. Monte Harris will come to determine speed with speed. Credit: Screenshot

Certainly the number 7 did not do much more than that in the victory. In the past, he had hit a triple at 45 ° – not his typical in Denver, the one on the side – and caused half a robbery, smearing the ball on an opponent and making him lose the ball. Other than that, he had an irregular night on the brink, posting an acceptable 1/3 in triples but 0/3 in doubles, including a pair of lost boats. Completed with 3 points, 1 goal, 1 steal, 1 loss and 2 fouls. In numbers, a little about that time of participation.

“He was close, @facucampazzo”


This time Campazzo played much more minutes than usual: exactly 18. When Denver left the scoreboard (it was 29 points up), the coach Mike Malone decided not to risk the most important players and gave more participation to the second unit. With four minutes left, Cordovan left the pitch forever. Without a major global production, but with the joy of playing one of its classic spectacular maneuvers, the genre that appears in the ranking of the 10 best games of the week.

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