Elon Musk said that by 2020 people will be able to sleep while their Tesla cars drive


During an interview, multi-faceted businessman Elon Musk said that in 2020 people can sleep while driving their cars. He said he refers to Tesla's vehicles with the Autopilot function. Today they do not achieve full driving autonomy, but they could reach the next year.

Musk was interviewed for about half an hour by Cathie Wood, founder and director of ARK Invest and analyst Tasha Keeney, in a podcast of innovation that was recorded in Fremont, California, which was loaded this week. During the talk, the businessman also spoke about the future of Tesla, regulations and bitcoins, among other issues.

The businessman said the standalone driving will be ready by the end of 2019. He said: "In 2020, users can sleep in the driver's seat while their car gets out of the parking area where they want, without the person interfering. I'm sure it will happen. This is not the question"

However, he clarified that this statement is confusing, as people may sometimes believe that this means that the car operates autonomously with 100% accuracy. And it's not like that, he said.

In this regard, he stressed his leadership role mechanical learning (mechanical learning) to achieve real vehicle autonomy in the streets. He also spoke about the importance of the regulatory environment, which is currently not fully defined.

Musk said the speed at which technology reaches its customers will depend on what regulators allow in the future.

Recently, Tesla announced the "Dog Mode" that establishes a suitable temperature for pets for a certain period.

And how was it possible that Musk, a "tricky figurine," offered the interview to ARK Invest? The company is a strategic investor for Tesla.

Tesla vehicles can not drive alone everywhere. But for several years, Musk said they could do it. Between 2016 and 2018, customers could pay extra USD3,000 for a full Autopilot operation.

Tesla has ensured that every car produced since October 2016 has the necessary material to drive alone. In January 2017, Musk said that this feature would start running within 3 to 6 months. But that did not happen.

The interviews asked Musk for his opinion on cryptic frequencies and bitcoins. "Bitcoin goes beyond currency controls," he said. However, it finds its weakness, as well as the cryptic frequencies, in the amount of energy needed to operate the system.


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