Thursday , May 13 2021

Dissolution in the city and there is an alarm for strong storms in 6 provinces

The city woke up this Saturday with a strong storm. According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN) forecast, the abundant rain may be accompanied by drop hail and electrical activity in some regions.

The STD also warned that strong storms may also affect the north, center and south of the province Buenos Aires, south of it Cordoba, south of it Between Rivers, at the center and east of it Pampa, in the center and in the south San Luis and south of it Santa Fe.

On Saturday morning, the meteorological entity predicts that some rains "may be strong and cause intense explosions, casual fall hail, intense electrical activity and fundamentally abundant fall of water in short periods of time. "

"Although there is a temporary improvement in the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires and in the center and east of La Pampa province, it is expected that conditions are downgraded again from Saturday afternoon 10, when the area is kept on alert, "the agency said.

Copa Libertadores's super-final, under the water

According to data provided by the meteorological institute this Saturday, Copa Libertadores' first finisher would play under a strong storm, as bad weather and rains will last until Sunday and Monday.

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