Wednesday , April 14 2021

Dani La Chepi screams when he hears Martitegui return to MasterChef Celebrity 2: “It tastes like family”

This Wednesday Danny La Pocket Return to Celebrity MasterChef, where he cooks a thigh sealed in the pan set in his eyes German Martitegui had many shortcomings. However, the jury’s final conclusion was to break the influence, who remembered why she cooks her dish that way.

“Heat a chili in vinegar, that’s what you did,” German said very seriously, enjoying Danny’s dish. But the jackpot went to the asparagus – beans in his eyes Damien Betular– in which La Chepi cut the tips because he “does not like” and threw them in a soup, a sin that led the owner of Tegui if he screwed him.

“I have never eaten asparagus in my life. “Capable that he is richer with his head”, said the participant to the laughter of the members of the jury. In any case, the influence of the influencer and the good taste of the dish changed the chefs’ opinion, to the point that Martitegui told him that “he had delicious food from home”.

The mixture of emotion and stress managed to break Dani, who started crying in front of the jury, she remembers promising not to do so. When Martitegui asked her what made her react in this way, she replied “that you said it ‘has a family flavor'”, and told her specific family drama.

“My dad cooked a lot and now he can no longer do it. “This sauce brings me to my old man,” said La Cepi, who later explained that her father had been lying down for eight years due to a stroke.

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