Wednesday , October 20 2021

At La Plata it was 220 millimeters, more than two and a half times the history accumulated in November


At twelve hours it was two and a half times what it meant in November. The monthly historical average for November in La Plata is 93mm.
Civil Protection, Citizenship, Security and Government's Civil Protection, Civil Protection, and Civil Protection groups have developed preventive tasks on the public road to reduce risks in flooded areas.
In this respect, complaints were reported in various areas of the urban area, Villa Elisa and Villa Elvira, mainly due to the intensity of the showers in the afternoon.
"Despite the severity of the storm, no bad weather was recorded, the rains are expected for the next few hours," the Commune said.
In this regard, the Department of Hydrometeorology, Mauricio Saldivar, explained that "the average rainfall in November in the city of La Plata fell to two and a half times in November."

It was reported that the accumulated water arrived according to the zones:

– Villa Elvira: 220.4 mm
– Villa Elisa: 213.8 mm
– Urban helmet: 153.4 mm
– Melchor Romero: 76.8 mm
– Ovens: 64.9 mm

In connection with spinning that was specifically recorded on the streets of the urban area, he explained that "the drainage system supports 30 millimeters per hour, but today we have two major storms, in a short time, of high intensity."
It was reported that "at 12:25 a storm began to expand, and fell 40 mm at 18.20h, after 90mm, there was a thunderstorm expanded for 20 minutes at which it rained 32mm."
In this line, the Municipal Hydraulic Director, Luis Karousos, stressed that "we hope that in the next few hours water drainage will end. The El Gato stream works well, at 75% of its capacity, which allowed rapid drainage of water. The remaining streams operated at the boundary, with some accurate overflows. "

The level of orange risk persists

In relation to the forecast for the next few hours, Saldivar said that "although meteorological instability will continue until Tuesday, no heavy rainfall is expected for the rest of the day as it has been recorded so far."
"There may be rains or showers with mild to moderate intensity, then we will have a temporary and relative improvement by dawn on Sunday, where they will begin to record rainfall of varying intensity and not to discard some scattered storms," ​​he added.
Similarly, it was informed that the help and prevention operation will be maintained by the Municipal Emergency Committee with the level of orange attention due to the persistence of rainfall until Tuesday morning.
In this regard, it was recalled that in any case of emergency or emergency, the neighbors can contact 911 and 103 of the Civil Defense. In the same way, you can make claims or orders through 147 of the Attention to the neighbor.
At the same time, it was underlined that they will continue to update the local site Twitter accounts "Clima La Plata" and "Civil Defense MLP". and through Facebook in "La Plata Municipality" and "Civil Defense MLP", informed the municipality of La Plata.

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