Angry, Sol Pérez has left the "Dancing" track in the critique of jury and plagiarism


(Video ShowMatch – El Trece)

This is known Sol Pérez she is an armed woman and does not close something. And this time, his step on the pitch Bailando This went beyond anything you could expect.

This ex weather girl he left the La Corte studies when the jury was still giving it back in free rhythm.

There was tension in the program Marcelo Tinelli only the panelist The Show Professionals He came to the field. First of all, there was a strong exchange with members of the BAR, exactly with him Lourdes Sánchez and Mariela A Chipi Anchipi.

-Lourdes Sánchez: I understand you do not understand BAR because do not understand the technique, the steps, the time.

-Mariela Anchipi: The duel is made of music, you must thank the jury for saving him.

-Sol Pérez: I'm sorry, but we have to see Lourdes quartet because it was because I never saw the BAR talk about what it was, it seems we're blind.

-Lourdes Sánchez: Sit down here and tell the dance.

(Video ShowMatch – El Trece)

-Sol Pérez: A Chipi He said, "If you move your hair, it seems funny." The truth I did not come here to make ridicule. Maybe more or less, but laugh?

-Mariela Anchipi: I did not say that. I said you did not want to move your head and you did the move and provoked the opposite of what you had to provoke.

-Sol Pérez: It also causes it to be funny because if you think it's funny because it's funny. It seems that someone who does not understand you is because you say a comment and then goes back.

Then, when the choreography seemed to start soon, Sol laughed laughingly, "hot", and there the battle with the BAR flared up again.

"He's always hot and playing the page he wants interpret, he has always been a victim instead of evolving, "he said Chippi. "Constructive criticism of hair, You were wrong"added Lourdes.

"There are ways to do this if I want to make a constructive critique that Laurita and Flor do for mewho complain a lot, but they give constructive criticism, I do not like what I do, "said Sol, who later came to the jury with a tough crossing.

(Video ShowMatch – El Trece)

"Work is not appreciated, it is precious that there are people who make noise, "he began for the first time and pointed to Lauritana. In your mom's rhythm, did people tap the pots? Because I did not see it, I missed it. They did not tell me guys, calling the next phone, so check it out, "she said.

"You are always angry, if you look like people who do not dance, you will not go well, Sol," said the jury.

– This is it I'm not angry, I'm amusing. If I come and be angry each time they get ill, they imagine I have to cry in my house, "said the sculptural blonde.

"It would be good to see everyone's eyesight, because I can not see more of the others," he said Flor Peña He demanded this.

"It is very difficult to explain to you when you close, It's really hard to talk to you. If he closes, he will not be able to move, he said rock.

but the strongest has not yet come. Then Marcelo Polino accused Soledad Bayona, the coach, to make choreography plagiarizedSol jumped again. "Are we swept and having a happy birthday?" Asked.

From that point on, Lourdes Sánchez spoke in the name of BAR: "We felt Ines Stork dancing much more …" but he could not complete his return because Sol said goodbye and left his seat in place.

"Guys, really I will send a kiss to everyonethank you We will continue to dream of Las Águilas de Bahía Blanca, "he said before leaving.

"This is Sol Pérez, a rough man ", Lourdes was shot before Marcelo started to bid farewell Bailando they argued in the midst of disputes and screams: "Who are you, Sol Pérez?".

However the Sol The problem is not over and downloaded from your Twitter account. "I accept scores that I can not accept that not everyone is the same," he said in a section of the text where he also stated that he could not accept that "the two BAR women laugh across the choreography and without the microphone being an amoeba . "


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