Tuesday , October 27 2020

An exercise was created for the queue that is the rage in the world: Jen Selter

Just Selter she is an American woman who became a celebrity on social networks thanks to her 11 million fans, after choosing as woman with the most beautiful tail at Instagram.

Although she often publishes photos that she guesses her curves, Jen does not use social networks their characteristics, also uses these platforms sharing tips, tips and exercises to help an enviable figure and above all an accented tail.

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In fact, the popular "instagramer" shared a video to explain how to perform your best exercise to have stable buttocks.

In accordance with Only Selter, this exercise is a perfect help for burn too much of the local fat in the buttocks and without the need to use gym machines.

This physical activity consists only of keep in a bar, open and close the legs using body weight.

Although at first glance is a relatively simple exercise to perform, this movement requires a lot of strength in the hands and a good ability to contract glue and belly.

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The secret to achieving toning the tail consists of keep the trunk straight and immobile, while you are suspended from a bar without touching the ground. At that time it ought to be move legs with lateral lifting.

Keep in mind that discipline with exercise it is only part of the key to success get an enviable figure, it's also important to change it bad eating habits for a healthy diet.

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If you are thinking of starting an exercise routine, we advise you first consult your doctor to help you create one a diet that does not endanger your health.

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