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A man and his dog have moved everyone to a Puebla hospital

An elderly man went desperate to a hospital in Huejotzingo, Puebla. He had his dog in his arms, and even though it was not a veterinary center, the gentleman begged the doctors to look after the sick puppy.

The story was shared by hospital doctors, who admitted that They were about to refuse to take care of the animal.

"He has diarrhea, is desguansado and does not want to eat. Just drink water, it stays low and very sad", told them the man before they were about to reject him and send him to a veterinary hospital.

Finally, one of the doctors decided to take care of the puppy and, supported by other colleagues, they made an badessment to determine the discomfort felt.

The animal was dehydrated and seemed to have an infection. To restore it, doctors gave him antibiotics and hydrated him with electrolytes.

After thanking the doctors for their attention, the man asked them how much the consultation would cost.

The doctors replied that he had nothing to pay, and touched by tears that he could not help toppleThey told him that if the dog did not improve, he would bring him back with them.

His dog refused to abandon him while he was crushed by a train

Unofficially, the victim has been identified as Víctor Reyna Vázquez, 57 years old.

The fidelity of the dog was more than proven since the police had multiplied the attempts and that the rescuers could not withdraw it from the place. Even was about to bite something.

Neighbors have pointed out that the dog has been accompanying his owner for several years and that the man was suffering from alcoholism, but that the animal accompanied him unconditionally.

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